• Introduction to Fly Fishing Accessories and Knots



    Time: Two class periods



    To teach the students how to assemble and disassemble rod and reels, basics of knot tying.


    Objectives:  Students will be able to…

    1. Identify fly fishing equipment (Rod, reel, line and accessories)
    2. Tie the clinch, blood and surgeon’s knot.
    3. Assemble rod and reel correctly.
    4. Take apart and store correctly.




    Before we try to instruct the kids in fly casting or even try to take them out on the water we need to instruct them in the basics of rod and reel assembly, knot tying and knowledge of useful fishing accessories.



    Rod and reel

    Coat hanger



    Teaching Methods:

    Time:                                Method:                           Focus/Content:___________

    5-10 minutes


    We will demonstrate the appropriate methods to assemble and disassemble the rod and reel.  Describing parts and features of the both pieces of equipment.

    15 minutes

    Student Practice and Participation

    Students will practice assembling the rod and reel until they become proficient.  Students will work in pairs due to the fact of limited materials.

    5 minutes

    Lecture Intro. To Importance of Knots.

    This will be a quick introduction of knots to the students.  Simply showing them the finished product and what the knot is used for in relation to fly fishing.

    55 minutes

    Demonstration/Active participation

    We will demonstrate step by step the process of tying a clinch knot, blood knot and surgeon’s knot with the students mimicking our process.

    Students will then untie knots and retie on their own until proficient.

    5 minutes