• Welcome to 2nd Grade!                                                                                                          



    Hello Parents!


    I am thrilled to welcome your children to the SECOND GRADE!  I am excited for the new school year and have lots of fun activities to share with the class!  I look forward to meeting all of you and getting to know your child.  As we get the year started, it is important to know the expectations I have for the students in my classroom.  These are the classroom rules that were discussed in class today:


    1.      Follow directions.

    2.      Raise your hand to speak.

    3.      Listen when others are talking.

    4.      Be kind and remember the “golden rule”.


    As I have expectations for my students, they should have expectations for me as well.  Students and parents can expect me to:


    -Be honest and fair

    -Try my best to make learning fun and interesting

    -Help as best as I can when something is not understood

    -Be a good listener

    -Manage classroom behaviors, good or bad


    The first two weeks are an adjustment period for all of us as the class gets used to the routine and expectations.  Students will be rewarded for positive behavior, and behavior problems will be dealt with as follows:  For minor infractions, students will receive a warning.  After the warning, the child will have time away from the group, whether it would be in our room or another teacher’s room.  There will also be loss of  recess time.  If a student exhibits severe misbehavior such as fighting or open defiance, he or she will be sent to the principal.


    The class will be learning different routines during the next few weeks such as how we do our Spelling, Book Reports, Homework, Show-and-Tell, etc.  Instead of bombarding you with all of these details, I will spread out the information and send home notices as we start those routines at school.


    I am excited for a wonderful learning experience with your child this year.  We have a lot planned and there is much fun to be had!  It is going to be a great year!




    Mrs. Lightfield

    Florence-Carlton School

    273-6741    lightfieldc@florence.k12.mt.us