• Career Information

    The development of a career is a lifelong process. The worker of yesterday needs different skills than the worker of tomorrow. The skills needed for employment are constantly changing. As a parent, what can you do to help your child plan a career? According to the American School Counselor Organization web site, some of the important things a parent can do are: listen and encourage your young child in different activities and hobbies. Praise your child for their effort as well as their accomplishments. It is important to show an interest and stress the importance of school. Encourage good work habits at home and positively reinforce those habits when the child completes chores. Remember that experience and effort are more important than the quality of the work accomplished by your child. As your child grows into their teenage years, encourage their participation in service oriented community activities. Allow them to make choices on what they can buy by using guided money management. Start talking to your teen about their interests and skills, and their goals for the future. By the high school years, your teenager is increasing their independence and self-identity. Encourage your teenager to make independent decisions and explore all kinds of post-secondary educational opportunities. Give them economic responsibilities if they are working part-time outside the home. Stay involved in your child’s future planning and encourage awareness of different job possibilities. Lastly, keep a positive attitude and be patient as their decision-making abilities evolve.


    This web site profiles careers in teaching, the legal field, accounting fields, technology, culinary industry, fashion industry and many, many other career fields that are both common and not-so-common such as private investigator and food critic. As you click on a particular career, it will include details on the specific career facts, career description, career specializations within that field, the working environment, required training, necessary career coursework, salary ranges, and future job outlook. It will also feature some of the training schools and/or colleges that offer courses and programs for that particular career. This is a fun and interesting web site to get an idea of the many types of opportunities that exist for today’s students and tomorrow’s workers. Share it with your child today!