• Welcome to Florence Carlton School's iPad Resources
    This is the information you will find on the ipad pages.
    iPad Apps  Contains information about apps that can be used to teach students, help them create projects, and display work they have done.
    Tips for Classroom Use  Includes information about classroom rules that make use of the iPads go smoothly.  Also includes information about basic skills students need to know to efficiently use iPads.
    iPad Tools  Provides ideas about what tools can make the iPad more effective in the classroom.
    iPad Articles  View articles about iPads and how they are being used for education.
    iPad Books and Magazines  You can read a variety of books and magazines using the iPad.  One benefit of iPad book/apps for students is that hyperlinks allow students to look up unfamiliar words, get background on topics they may not know about, and see photos or images of places they are reading about so that they better comprehend the topic.
    Florence Carlton School is now using over 140 iPads.
    Grade 7 working on iPads