• Finding Apps 

    These are some places where you can find out about apps, get reviews and see how they work.
    Apps with Curriculum  This site is written and maintained by an educator, and one of the reasons to use this site is that on the app reviews any privacy issues that an app might have are listed.
    View the list of 10 best educational apps for 2013.
    Need free apps?  This blog page lists 55 of the best educational apps--all free.

    Free Apps 

    Download the Apps Gone Free app (from the Apple App store).  This includes daily deals where paid apps are available for a limited time for free.
    Apps Gone Free App Include picture 

    Reviews of Apps for Teachers

    Edudemic  This site not only provides information about iPad apps, but also has great articles about technology in education. 

    iTunes U  This site also includes more than app reviews.  It also has ideas for teaching with the iPad, actual teacher examples, and resources that can be used on the iPad.