• Florence-Carlton AUP

    Florence-Carlton School District

    Computer Users Code of Ethics


    1.    Use of the computers is limited to educational purposes only.

    2.    Use of the network to develop programs that infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage the software components of a computer or computing systems is prohibited.

    3.    To keep your children safe, Internet mail and Instant Messaging will not be allowed.

    4.    Obscene remarks, discriminatory remarks and other antisocial behavior are prohibited.

    5.    Attempts to use other people’s passwords or access other people’s files are prohibited.

    6.    Any reconfiguring of any PC’s without express permission is prohibited.

    7.    Students may NOT download programs from the Internet; only data may be copied from the Internet onto our PCs.  If you want to add some plug-in application,ask the computer technician for an OK.

    8.    Students may NOT place any programs or games anywhere on our computer system. Students may NOT run outside programs from any media like running games from diskettes.

    9.    Florence-Carlton School District’s computer administrator may access others files when necessary for the maintenance of the computing facilities.  When performing maintenance, however, every effort will be made to ensure the privacy of user’s files.

    10. Any user who does not comply with the rules and code of ethics for Florence-Carlton School District’s computer use will lose computer privileges for a period of 30days.  Repeated infractions may result in permanent termination of computer privileges. Standard disciplinary policies of the district may also apply.

    11. The district may modify the acceptable use policy as the need arises.

    I have read and understand the terms of the Rules and Code of Ethics for Florence-Carlton School District’s Computer Users.  Please check whether you will ALLOW or NOT allow Internet access for your child.


      ____ Allow Internet Use                         ____NOT Allow Internet Use



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