• Constellation Online Resources
     View charts of the constellations.  Go to Google and enter constellation charts. Select images.
    What stars are in my constellation? 
    Wolfram Alpha  Enter name of constellation.  You will see a table with star names.
    To find out facts such as distance from Earth, click on a star name in that table.
    What does the star's name mean?
    Alphabetical List of stars and the meaning of their names 
    List of Constellations with good information about stars in each.  
    Good Websites
    Science Spot   Lots of great information on stars and constellations.
    Infotopia (a Google Search set up by librarians to get better results) 
    Top Astronomer  Lots of facts about constellations, stars, and myths. Drag cursor over maps of stars to get more information on each star.
    Windows to the Universe  Good site with circumpolar information, myths and more. 
    The Constellations Everything You Need:  Stars, meanings of names, location
    StarDate good source for constellation history. 
    Solar System Information 
    Solar System Scope Want to view solar system and planet from all directions?  Want to see the inside of planets?  This site also includes constellation information.