• Peru 2021
     Peru - Explorica Educational Travel
    (Photos from Explorica.com)
    Mrs. Camp is leading a trip to Peru over Spring Break 2021 (Dates TBA). Students who have or will have taken two years of Spanish in high school from Mrs. Camp or Juniors or Seniors who will be enrolled in her Spanish class for the entire 2020-2021 school year are eligible to travel if they are students in good standing. Students must be approved by Mrs. Camp before enrolling*. Use the links below to get more information or to sign up for the trip.
    Tour Website -Peruse this site for information on the tour, pricing, dates, and to enroll.
    Parents of enrolled travelers-Email Mrs. Camp at campr@florence.k12.mt.us in order to be added to the group email list and sign up for notifications and reminders.
    *If a student is initially approved to sign up for the tour and fails to meet the requirements at any point before the tour, the student's enrollment will be canceled and will be subject to the tour company fees.