Quarter one Projects
                       1) daily Sketch book assignments
    Projects class work for 3-d students Pick 2 out of 5
                    1. Create a modular sculpture using at least 100 objects that are the same (Ex bottle caps).
                    2. Bring an object or objects to class to deconstruct and then reconstruct into an interesting positive and negative space sculpture. 
                    3. Make a wire sculpture. you may pick any subject matter, animal, object or non objective.     
                    4. Create a life size human figure out of cardboard.   
                    5. Using clay create a non traditional teapot .(you will need to use your sketch book to plan this one!)
    Projects for 2-d students pick 2 out of 5
                    1. Create a self portrait using any medium Artists 
                                  - realistic 
                                  - Abstract
                                  - human to animal
                                  - past to present  
                    2. Draw 10 non related drawings using different media group them together using cheap and different sized frames. (Berry McGee
                    3. Draw or paint a landscape at night. 
                    4. Create a collage using a different textures to make an image.
                    5. Pick an object Draw, paint, collage it 20 different times .