Montana College Prep Curriculum Requirements:  Additionally, each college has their own specific requirements.

    English:                                 4 years

    Social Studies:                     3 years (including all that we require for graduation)

    Math:                                    3 years (Including Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra II).

    Science:                                2 years (One must be earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics. 

    Electives:                              2 years chosen from the following:  foreign language (preferably two years), computer science visual and performing arts,                     or vocational education units.


    Montana Rigorous Core Requirements:  Required only to be eligible for the MUS Honors Scholarship

    English:                                 4 years

    Social Studies:                     3 years

    Math:                                    4 years (Including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a course beyond Algebra II).       
                   Note:  Three years of math, including a course beyond Algebra II, and four years of laboratory science may be substituted for the  four years of math and three years of science requirement.)

    Science:                               3 years (Including general or Earth Science, Biology; Chemistry or Physics.)

    Electives:                               3 years chosen from:  2 years of a World Language, Computer Science, Visual and Performing Arts (Including Speech/Debate), Vocational education units  which meet OPI guid