Welcome to 1st Grade


    Dear Family Members:


    Welcome to 1st grade.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you and your child.  The following is a letter explaining our 1st grade program.



    Contact Information


    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  School hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can also reach my by phone or email.  My school phone number is 273-6741, ext. 211. My email address is beierlej@florence.k12.mt.us. It is easiest to reach me by email.




    If your child will be absent for the day, please contact the secretary in the morning at 273-6741.  She would greatly appreciate it.



    Arrival and Drop off



    The school day begins at 8:20 and ends at 3:20.  If a student arrives early, he or she should go to the playground to play. Students may not enter the building before school starts without a pass from a playground supervisor! When the bell rings, students will line up at the front doors of the lower elementary building and I will let them in.  Students can be picked up at these same doors at 3:20. When picking up your child, please make sure I am aware that you are leaving with your child. For the safety of our students, please meet your child and walk them to your vehicle.  We do not want any students crossing the street without an adult! Students not being picked up by their parents will be dismissed to the supervised playground until the busses arrive.




    Breakfast is available for all students from 7:45-8:10. The 1st grade lunch time is from 11:35-12:25. Each student is issued an ID number to access his/her account when purchasing milk or school lunch.  Your child should memorize his/her ID number.  This should be practiced at home as well as school until he/she can type it automatically.   


    The 1st Grade Day


    First grade is probably one of the most important grades as students build momentum in their reading and writing skills.  A strong emphasis will be placed on increasing students’ reading fluency, comprehension and writing proficiencies. In math, students will continue to work on understanding mathematical relations, learning to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.  Social studies and science will be incorporated throughout the day.


    Lessons will be taught through different modalities including direct instruction, small group activities and guided exploration.    



    Parent’s Role


    It is important that your child gets proper nutrition and sleep for the school day.  Your child needs a healthy breakfast and snack for sustenance.  When possible, maintain a routine and sleep schedule to ensure a well-rested child.


    At the end of the day, students will bring home activities they have completed.  Please take time to discuss these papers with your child, ask open-ended questions and offer positive feedback.  Your constant interest will play an important part in your child’s learning success.  Students will be expected to complete small daily homework assignments. These assignments help your child learn responsibility and foster further connections to home. I will send home a letter explaining these assignments with your child.  Please make sure your child completes these assignments and returns them on time

    If you are not sure how to help your child with learning at home or are confused about something that happened at school, please stop by and see me or call.  The more often we connect the easier it is to work together.

    Specials Schedule


    Florence-Carlton students attend classes each day taught by our specialists.

    Our special times are as follows






















    Library books should be returned each time your child has library class.


    Snack Time


    I will set aside about 5-7 minutes for snack each day, both in the morning and afternoon.  Please send 2 small, healthy treats such as fruit, a sandwich, cereal, or pretzels that your child can quickly eat.  Often times, students will finish their cold lunch. If you are sending oranges or other foods that need to be peeled, please do that at home so your child will have enough time to eat his or her snack.  You may also send a juice drink, if your child would like one. If you are not able to send a snack on a consistent basis, please consider purchasing a bag of Costco pretzels or animal cookies every other month for the class. Please….NO POP, candy, cookies, cake, or chips!   We will save these things for parties and birthday treats. 



    Share and Team Time


    I want to ensure ALL students in the classroom feel valued by teachers, parents and students.  To help foster a kind, caring community in our classroom a strong emphasis will be placed on developing students’ social skills and team working abilities through our Olweus program, Kelso’s choices and other activities.


    Children at this age all love to have share time (show and tell).  Each week, students will be asked to bring an item to talk to the class about.  We will begin share in a few weeks.  I will send home a more detailed letter explaining share and a schedule. Please make sure you help your child participate in this.  It is a truly valuable learning experience.








    Extra Clothing


    Please provide a bag with extra clothing in it for your child to keep at school.  The bag should include an extra shirt, socks, underwear, and pants. Bathroom accidents do occasionally occur and children have a hard time trying to stay dry on rainy days. If your child does use his/her extra clothing, please replace the used items ASAP.


    Classroom Rules


    Our school participates in the Montana Behavioral Initiative.  We have a set of established expectations for all areas of our school. Our elementary is currently transitioning into our district wide universals. These universals are based on the following principles: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.  Recognition, specific praise, and rewards will be used to encourage appropriate behavior.  Reminders and modeling of expectations will be taught throughout the year.  “If you expect it, you must teach it.”  Our goal is to provide children with a positive learning environment that allows everyone to feel safe. 


    Our class rules are as follows:


    1. Be Safe

    -We will walk in the school.

    -We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

    1. Be Responsible

    -We will take care of our belongings and ourselves.

                  -We will complete our homework on time.

                  -We will take care of our school.

                  -We will be honest.

                  -We will do our best work.

                  -We will persevere.

    1. Be Respectful

                 -We will be kind.

                 -We will talk and listen at appropriate times.





    A strong emphasis will be placed on making sure students know what behaviors are expected and how this looks.  Some students need more practice than others.


    Students will be given a warning if they are breaking a rule.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, a student may lose time from recess/play or be told to take a “time out”.   Student “blue” slips may also be issued as addressed in the school handbook. When a student takes a “time out”, he or she will be asked to sit in a chair away from where the incident occurred until he or she is once again able to maintain class rules.   If a student continues to be disruptive, he or she will be asked to sit outside the classroom in the “thinking chair”.  Students will be able to return to the class after the teacher and the student have discussed the incident and the child is able to control their behavior. If a student exhibits severe misbehavior such as fighting, open defiance or vulgar language, he or she will be sent to the principal.





    I welcome and appreciate parent volunteers.  I will have a sign-up sheet at open house for those who would like to volunteer in the classroom. Possible assistance I may need would be reading with students, helping with class parties, working with small student groups.  If you have a specific talent, please be thinking about how it may benefit the students. 











    We will have many special activities throughout the year. If you would like to send treats (they do not have to be healthy) for your child’s school birthday party, please feel welcome.  If your child has a summer birthday and would like to celebrate it, please arrange a date with me towards the end of the school year.   Often parents will ask for the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the children in the class to invite them to home birthday parties.  If you do not want me to release this information, please let me know! Also, please mail party invitations unless your child is inviting everyone in his or her class.  This helps to avoid hurt feelings.


    Thank you for your time and interest.





    Jamie Beierle


    *Please save this information to use a reference throughout the year!





    Please tear off bottom portion and return to school


    Child’s Name___________________________________


    I, ____________________ have received and read the parent letter.