1.     When entering the gym for class:

    A.     Stay off gym floor when wearing street shoes.

    B.     Go change out immediately, if you do not have the proper P.E. closes, sit down in your assigned area.

    C.     No horseplay in the locker room or gym.

    D.    Sit down quietly in your assigned area until roll is called.

    E.     Do not play with  P.E. equipment until instructed to do so.


    2.     During class:

    A.     Do not leave the gym or locker room before the bell rings without permission.


    C.     Report any injuries to the teacher.

    D.    You must have a doctor’s note to be excused from P.E.





    1.     Each day is worth ten (10) points.

    A.     If a student does not dress out and does not willingly participate in that day’s activity that student is subject to lose up to 10 points for the day.

    B.     If a student does not dress out but participates in that day’s activity, that student loses 3 points for the day.

    C.     I f you are asked to leave the class for misbehavior you lose all points for that day and each day missed after that.


    2.     Participation:

    A.     In warm ups.

    B.     In activities and games.

    C.     In the locker room and in class behavior.


    3.     Dressing out:

    A.     Must wear proper P.E. attire.  This includes:

    -Shorts or sweats.

                -Shorts must cover the thigh.

    -T-shirt or sweatshirt, no tank tops or half shirts.

                -Shirts must come up to the neck.

    -Tennis shoes or court shoes.  No boots, sandals or dress shoes.