• PE Elective



    This class is for juniors and seniors only.  The prerequisite for this class freshman and sophomore P.E. and students must have maintained a B average.  Due to class space, only 16 students will be allowed to sign up for the class.  Consent of instructor required.


    This class is not, study hall.


    This class is not, time for students to walk around the halls or sit in the weight room and talk with their friends.


    This class is, Physical Conditioning, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, the following:

                -    Weight lifting

    -          Running

    -          Walking

    -          Agility/footwork



    -          Plyometrics

    -          Circuit training

    -          Biking

    -          Hiking

    -          Activities (e.g. football, hockey, softball, fishing)


    This class will take place in the weight room, outside, or in the gym, if available. 


    Students will be required to:

    -          Dress out each period class meets.

    -          Show up to class on time.

    -          Remain in class until the bell rings to dismiss them.

    -          Participate while in class.


    Students will be graded upon participation and willingness to participate.

    Students will start each day with10 points.  Points will be deducted for lack of participation and for poor attitude.   Students who skip class will receive 0 points for the day.


    If you are a student who engages in extracurricular activities you will be expected to participate in each day’s affairs.  If you have a game or event that night you will be allowed to work at a lighter pace.  This does not mean that you will sit and do nothing.


    This class is for students who want to workout and learn to live a physically fit lifestyle.