• What is the Learning Center?  (LC)
    The Learning Center is a classroom that is centered around developing social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic growths for students that face challenges in their learning styles.
    The paras, therapists (OT, PT, Speech, YEP), general education teachers, and special education resource teachers, all work together as a "team" to ensure continuity of services for each student.
    The LC focuses on preparing students for life after high school by working on skills such as social/communication, money/budgeting, grooming/personal hygiene, home maintenance, food prep, work/job skills, etc.
    Students in the LC participate in Special Olympics. They compete in the events of track & field, equestrian, bowling, and skiing.
    You will see many of the LC students out and about in many areas of the school. They have school community jobs such as: the daily mail route for school secretaries and administrators, Maintaining the Lost & Found, as well as organizing and submitting all Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels.
    They also have various other classroom jobs that they can perform to earn school money for and redeem for items within the LC store.
    We are proud to be a part of the Florence-Carlton School community where we are accepted by our peers, teachers, and support staff.