GOAL STATEMENT: 

    The Vocational Technical Department is cognizant of the fact that for people to be happy, they must be content with their jobs or chosen occupations.  It is necessary, therefore, for students to become career oriented while still in high school.  Students also need to know how to work effectively and that work must be completed before leisure time is enjoyed.  Students need to develop good work ethics and to be responsible for their own actions.  Once they learn these ethics, they need to know where they can go to further their education and/or training.  Some students may choose to enter the work force immediately.  They should also be prepared for this choice.



    Students will become aware of the necessary knowledge and skills needed for various careers.

    Students will build projects that will enable them to develop various skills.

    Students will learn safety procedures necessary to industrial arts occupations.

    Students will achieve job entry skills in advanced courses.