By enrolling in this class and with your signature and that of your parent/legal guardian, you agree to be bound by the conditions of this contract.

    I, _____________________________________________________, understand that the technology lab is a unique classroom environment, and that my actions and behavior must be different than in other areas of the school. Therefore, I agree to the following standards of conduct.


    1.                  I am responsible for my safe conduct in the lab at all times. This includes the wearing of safety glasses, appropriate clothing and footwear at all times while in the lab.  If I have long hair, it is my responsibility to tie it back in the lab.  I am also responsible to reporting any observed safety violations to the instructor immediately. I am responsible for reading and understanding all safety material and notices that are given to me by the instructor.

    2.                  I will not operate any machine or equipment without a demonstration. If I am absent during a demonstration, I am responsible for arranging a demonstration with the instructor. I will ensure all guards are in place before operation.  I will ask for help if I am unsure about the operation of any equipment.  I will disconnect the power before making any adjustments.  I will tell my instructor of any defective equipment immediately.

    3.                  I will report all injuries to the instructor immediately.

    4.                  I understand that cleanup will be 10 minutes before the end of the period with the possibility of a longer cleanup time on Fridays. I will not start cleanup early unless specified by the instructor. When it is time to cleanup, I will begin by putting my tools away, and cleaning my immediate work area.  I will refer to the cleanup roster for my assigned duty. If I finish early, I will assist others as needed. 

    5.                  I understand that I am in a laboratory setting and thus have the freedom to move around the lab to get tools, materials and supplies without getting the permission of the instructor. However, with that freedom I understand that I have the following obligations:

    A.    I will not leave the lab without the express permission of the instructor, and will sign out before leaving.

    B.     I will not disturb other students while they are working. This includes wandering around the lab and engaging in casual conversation with those students.

    C.     I will not go into the tool room without the permission of the instructor.


    6.                  I understand that immediately following the bell that signals class is beginning if I am not in the classroom ready for roll I am tardy.

    7.                  Equipment that is broken by my negligence will be my responsibility to replace or pay for.

    8.                  I understand that thievery or vandalism on my behalf will result in immediate disciplinary action and possible suspension/expulsion.

    9.                  Unsafe practices in this class will result in immediate disciplinary action and will impact my grade.

    10.              I will not bring food, candy, drinks, shorts, NO HOODS, or music devices of any kind into the classroom or laboratory.

    11.              All work that I turn in will be my own.  My cheating in class will cause me to fail that assignment.  This particularly applies to plagiarism.

    12.              I will respect the rights and property of others.

    13.              I will abide by the rules and regulations of Florence High School.

    14.              I understand that I will pay a $20.00 lab fee which will cover the glue, sandpaper, nails, and safety glasses that I will use in class.  This needs to be paid by September 9th.





    I, ______________________________________, acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the terms stated in the Florence High School Technology Safety Contract.  I acknowledge that working in this shop class is a privilege.  If I fail to adhere to the terms of this contract, I will expect that my grade will be impacted, and I may face disciplinary actions.



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