CREDITS: 1

    LENGTH OF CLASS: year long

    GRADES: 9-12

    FEE: $20.00



    DESCRIPTION OF CLASS: This course is the pre-requisite for the beginning classes in the Vocational Technical Education Department.  Students will be developing skills in Metal Fabrication and Woodworking.  The students will demonstrate safe use of equipment used in both areas.  Students will gain hands on experience through project based learning.


    Students are introduced to woods (types, hand tools, power tools, sand paper, finishes, joints, project designs and building).  Safe use of equipment, neatness, and working well with others will be emphasized in this class. 


    This class will also have and introduction to welding,  Gas and ARC (stick) welding along with basic metal working tools and techniques (including: cutting, drilling, welding, and fabrication.


    ****Grades are based on daily production and participation, tests and progress of individual projects.